Would You Survive World War 3? This Map Tells You If You’ll Be Vaporized By An Atomic Bomb

It’s not like we’re trying to make you feel scared or anything, but considering the latest shift of power in the world, some of the characters which are already in power, the angry citizens all across the globe and the amounting number of nuclear bombs just lying around, the break out of a new world war seems more probable now than it’s ever been before.

If you’re among the many who fear the possibility of a World War 3 or you’re just curious, you can visit WouldISurviveaNuke.com and clear your doubts.

The site is quite simple, just write in your location and you’ll get a map showing the blast radius of a number of different strength nukes, there’s even a “Dinosaur-ending meteor” mode. The different circles are for First Degree Burns, Second Degree Burns, Third Degree Burns, and imminent Death. Oh, jolly!

It’s just a joke and we’re not saying that a nuclear war is at our doorsteps, but it’s still quite eye-opening to see the sheer power of these mass. destruction weapons. Just in case, the website does have the rather discerning disclaimer, “This site is not intended to influence you or anyone else to make decisions regarding the safety of you or of anyone else in the event of a nuclear or any other type of attack.”



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