SUPEREARTH Can The Newly Discovered Planet Become Our New Home


An international team of scientists has found 60 planets in the vicinity of our Earth and many of them could become a potential home for us. The international team of astronomers found an additional 54 potential planets, bringing the potential discovery of new worlds to 114. At least some of them could be like Earth and could sustain life, The Independent reports.

One of the planets is a hot super-Earth with a rocky surface located in the fourth nearest star system to the Sun. The planet, named Gliese 411b could indicate that all the nearest stars to the Sun have planets orbiting them. And that they could all have habitable conditions for humans.

These results are based on almost 61.000 individual observations by American researchers on 1600 stars in a period of 20 years using the Keck-I telescope in Hawaii. The observations were conducted as part of a research from 1996 started by astronomers Steve Vot and Geoffrey Mercy from the University in California, and Paul Butler from the Carnegie Institute .