The Spiritual Significance of Friday the 13th

Do you fear Friday the 13th? Is there something to fear or is it just superstition?

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. There are hundreds of horror movies and books on the topic and even statistical data shows that there are an increased number of accidents on this date. But have you ever wondered how all of this came to be?

Many centuries ago, before the start of patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was a day of the Goddess, a day to worship the divine feminine residing in all of us and an opportunity to honor the cycle of creation, death and rebirth.  It was a holiday of creativity, beauty, wisdom and a day for soul nourishment.

Friday is Venus Day and Venus is the embodiment of divine feminine energy.

We feel her energy at the end of the week and it serves as a reminder to honor the days that have passed and relax and enjoy the weekend. We all look forward to Venus day because it’s when our working week ends and the two-day period of rest and relaxation begins. This is the ideal day to embrace Venus like energy and to focus on creativity, beauty and sensuality.

When it comes to the Number 13 we need to mention that it also has an extremely powerful feminine energy and many cultures believe it to be the number of death and rebirth, creation, fertility and blood.

This is linked to the 13 Moon cycles every year and the also the number of periods women experience per year on average. If your periods are in sync with the cycle of the Moon, you will shed your lining on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon.

The 13th falls somewhere in the middle of the Moon cycle on average, which is why many believe it to be the midway point between death and rebirth. The point between the New Moon, a period of shedding (the death) and the Full Moon a period of ovulation (rebirth).

In ancient times when a woman was bleeding she was believed to personify divine and magical powers. Everyone would turn to her for wisdom and intuitive and psychic messages. While during ovulation she was believed to be at the pinnacle of her power and was worshiped for her ability to create new life.

Much later, when our society became patriarchal, women started feeling ashamed when they were having their periods and they were taught to ignore their amazing ability for creating new life, something sacred.

So once everything changed people started forgetting about the divine potential of Fridays and the number 13 and it’s when the idea that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day started spreading like wildfire.

But there are so many things that support the fact that Friday the 13th shouldn’t be considered an unlucky day, on the contrary it’s a day when good things intertwine.

The lunar calendar also has 13 months, which further supports 13 as holding feminine power. Furthermore, the Moon is also representative of feminine energy and helps us to understand and deal with our emotions and sensitivities. The astrology charts not only say that the Moon guides our emotions but it also brings our potential to the light and help us better express in life.  As a matter of fact, often understanding your Moon sign can help you bring more awareness than understanding your Sun sign.

When Friday and the number 13 are brought together, it’s a very powerful day for creativity and feminine energy. Moreover it’s a beautiful time of death and rebirth as it’s the mid-point in the cycle between something new emerging and something old going away.

But pat of the mystery surrounding this day may be traced backed to the pagan communities because many rituals and spells were often done on this day due to the potent energies that are present. Maybe that’s when the fear surrounding Friday the 13th first appeared because many witchcraft followers held this day in high regard and chose it for their rituals.

But don’t think that it’s a woman’s day because we all have some feminine energy inside. It’s not an unlucky day as well. It’s a day when you should celebrate life, beauty, creativity and all the cycles in life! It’s a beautiful day and use it to get in tune with your emotions and awake the divine within!