Spend Your Free Time Doing Something Useful Online

Here’s a smart and fun way to kick back and relax, get some needed rest and learn something in the process as well.

How many times have you scrolled and scrolled trying to find something you’re interested in on the social media sites, wishing you can just skip all the unnecessary stuff you’re not interested in?

Well thanks to the Stumble Upon app you can choose which subjects you’re interested and it will direct you to various sites where you can watch videos, read the news or actively participate in solving puzzles or riddles.

Stumble Upon allows users to “like” websites and add them to their profile. These websites are then shared with friends through their profile and by using the “stumble” button and you can easily log in via your Facebook or Google account.

If it sounds interesting, here’s a video explaining how it works in detail. Check it out and try it out, we’re sure you won’t regret it!