How To Restore Deleted Search History?

If you happen to delete your search history by accident or on purpose but you later realize you need some web address there’s a way you can restore the data.

Restoring your search history is not a difficult task, it will take you a few minutes of your time. This method can help you if you delete it by accident or on purpose and it can also restore it from your uninstalled browser. Here’s a step by step process:

  1. Download and install Systenance Index.dat software
  2. After you start up the program an empty window will come up on the screen with a search button – click itdelete-history-1
  3. Now the software will search for all the index.dat files on your computer (those are all the files that contain the search history from your web browsers)delete-history-2
  4. Select everything the program has found and press the OK buttondelete-hisrotu-3
  5. Now just apply the filters to get to your desired list of addresses

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