What Putin Told Erdogan Over Phone About the Ambassador’s Murder?

You’ve probably heard the shocking news – Andrei Karlov, a Russian Ambassador, was murdered by a gunman while visiting an art gallery in Turkey. The Turkish President Erdogan spoke with the Russian President Vladimir Putin to share the details of Karlov’s death.

So, what happened – well, during the conversation, Erdogan talked about the details of the shooting. Erdogan confirmed that the gunman shouted:

“We die in Aleppo, you die here” and “Don’t forget about Aleppo, Don’t forget about Syria, Allahu Akbar…” before Turkish security officials “neutralized” the threat.

The Russian officials have requested that the attack should be labelled as an act of terror.  2016 has been a brutally bloody year for Turkey featuring multiple Daesh attacks, a failed military coup that killed hundreds of people while injuring many more, as well as ongoing violence related to the unresolved ‘Kurdish issue.’ And, we can easily say that the assassination of a Russian diplomat on Turkish soil adds to an already tumultuous year. 

Note: according to the officials, the assassination of the Russian Ambassador happened just one day before leaders from Russia, Iran, and Turkey were scheduled to convene for a meeting in Moscow. The foreign officials and defense ministers from the nations had planned to discuss the situation in Aleppo and the future of Syria.

And, we all know that the relations between Moscow and Turkey strained after a Russia jet was gunned down by Turkish military forces, but tensions had eased after President Erdogan apologized to President Putin. 

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