People Who Cry During Movies Are The STRONGEST People Of All

Although crying over movies, books, and music can often be ascribed to frenzied hormones, especially in women, new findings confirm that this trait is only found in people who possess deep empathy.

Empathy is a personality trait that’s not found in everyone. In fact, many types of people including narcissists and sociopaths are born without it and spend their entire lives without ever really feeling sorry for another being. Although lack of empathy may be beneficial for certain walks of life, such as a used car salesman, it’s generally not a good thing have.

Let’s face it, life is hard. It’s even brutal to some. Feeling for others takes a lot of strength, and if you are unable to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel the torment they’re going through, it actually says a lot about what kind of person you really are.

Being empathic to other people’s sufferings says that you are strong enough to put yourself in their shoes, understand their circumstances, and actually feel what they’re feeling.

Feeling and caring for another human being, no matter if they’re fictional characters, should never be seen as a weakness. This actually reveals that you have a big heart that can feel for others too. And, these empaths are very well aware of the difference between reality and fiction. It’s because of this knowledge that they’re able to bounce back to reality in a matter of minutes.

But, there’s another reason why people cry during movies. Having gone through the same experience the character is going through brings tears of memories, which are painful. This can be beneficial at the same time because it frees some of those bottled-up emotions in a healthier way.

Last, but not least, there are tears prompted by the artistic genius of a film. Scientifically named the Stendhal Syndrome, it defines the physical and emotional symptoms a person experiences as a result of a work of art.

People with the Stendhal Syndrome can be really susceptible to certain art forms including a seriously good movie, a good radio show, or even reading a great book. Aside from being an emotional roller coaster ride, the experience will help you to face and embrace emotions most others choose not to look at.

Although most people won’t see this as a trait of a strong person, it’s actually the most important kind of emotional strength – empathy.


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