NASA Confirms: People Are Capable Of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!

Ever wanted to be in more than one place at a time? That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for what’s known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA. Many proponents of this ancient technique, used by many cultures such as Mayan, … [Read more…]

A Mystery Space Plane Has Been Orbiting Earth For 500 Days And We Still Don’t Know Why!

The US military started its 4th top secret mission in space by launching the robotic X-37B space plane in the Earth’s orbit on 20th May 2015. More than 500 days later, the drone is still out there, orbiting the Earth, conducting its mission. The solar powered, unmanned plane has caught the public eye and the … [Read more…]

Scientists Have Identified A Virus With DNA Stolen From A Black Widow Spider

Scientists have recently come upon an unexpected discovery during a trial that aimed at sequencing the genome of an unusual virus. It appeared that one-third of the virus’s genes were animal-like and corresponded to the DNA of a toxin found in the venom of the black widow spider. Though scientists are still not certain how … [Read more…]

Construction Workers Accidentally Unearth 43 Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs

There’s a reason why the Chinese city of Heyuan calls itself the “Home of Dinosaurs.” Namely, over the past couple of decades, the city has unearthed thousands of dinosaur eggs, making it the city with the world’s largest collection of dinosaur eggs in their museum. The recent discovery has only added 43 new fossilized eggs … [Read more…]

Alien Life Could Be Sustained On Other Planets By Radiation From Cosmic Rays

According to a recent study, cosmic radiation may be the only energy indispensable to sustain life forms on other planets. While this form of energy is detrimental for humans, it appears that it’s all alien life forms need for survival. Astrobiologist Dimitra Atri from the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science in Seattle based his … [Read more…]