Scientist Accidentally Creates A Battery Than Can Last A Lifetime. Gamechanger

Can you imagine charging and discharging your battery more than 200.000 times? Neither did Mye Le Thai, the lead study author of the University of California but somehow she managed to do it! It wasn’t her plan and intention, but after “playing around” with some materials she accidentally created a battery which can last almost … [Read more…]

This Amazing Video ‘Samadhi’ Will Awaken You From The Illusion That Is Seperateness

“Be still and know.” This saying points towards the goal of all meditation, yoga, prayer and spiritual attainment. The name for this state of consciousness is Samadhi. This short clip from the upcoming film “Samadhi” is a call to stillness that the world would benefit from greatly if heard. Framed around the slippery and hard … [Read more…]