There’s No One To Drive Her To The Hospital, So Stranger Lets Her Get In

This woman has survived breast cancer and now she has been undergoing systematic treatments for over a year. Cynthia Carlson needs regular doctor`s visits in order to recover completely. During her struggle with the cancer, she lost her mobility and now she`s working on regaining it. Sherry Grossman has experienced the devastating powers of this … [Read more…]

Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

Have you ever felt like being depleted of energy when with a person? A bad vibe often surrounds this experience. According to science, everything is energy and humans are no exception to this rule. In other words, people are also subject to energy transformations. The University of Bielefeld, Germany carried out research showing that plants … [Read more…]

HOW TO: Make A DIY Tesla Powerwall For Just $300 [Video]

We’ve all heard about the revolutionary Tesla Powerwall and its amazing ability to power your house, maximizing the energy and minimizing the expenses. However, one of these revolutionary devices can cost up to $3000 and more, which isn’t something everyone could afford. Here you can find how to make a DIY Tesla Powerwall in just … [Read more…]

Why Corporate Media Won’t Tell You What’s Being Done To The Amazon

Taken that the news industry largely depends on advertising income, it’s no wonder that nearly 90% of the world’s media is controlled by big corporations. In other words, this means that the media mustn’t produce content that will affect their advertisers’ profits. This explains why so much important information, especially one relating to environmental issues, … [Read more…]

Life After Death?

The question of life after death exists from the beginning of time and it will continue to exist for as long as humans exist. It’s in our nature to wonder, to question everything, to ponder on the unexplainable. The answer to this question depends on what you believe in. Some say it does, others claim … [Read more…]