Organic Hemp Bras Could Be The Key To Preventing Breast Cancer

Lately all eyes are on the medicinal cannabis and its potential ability to cure and treat serious diseases, cancer among the top priorities. Cannabis’s ability has been extensively studied and vigorously debated, with strong opinions both for and against it.

The scientific community is giving some compelling arguments on the subject, saying that the cannabis, more specifically the molecules THC and CBD, have proven to have a positive effect in the treatment of cancer, increasing the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.

When it comes to cancer, breast cancer is one of the most common types, affecting millions of women every year. Even though the causes are partially known the cure and prevention is still under development. At least until now, because recent studies show that cannabis may be the best answer to preventing and curing breast cancer in an innovative new approach.

But let’s shift our focus for a second and talk about bras. Nobody likes wearing them but we all believe we have to. Every woman knows they can be uncomfortable, even painful, constrict your movement and lead to excruciating back pain.

Bras can even cause saggy breasts specially the ones with and underwire because they restrict lower breast tissue toning and the sagging can have a negative effect on your posture and cause back pain. Moreover, it can have a negative effect on your overall breast health.

According to a study from 1995, women who wear underwire bras for more than 12 hours a day had an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The study also revealed that the increased risk is due to the fact that bras with an underwire put pressure on the lymph nodes under the breasts and this can cause a toxin build up in the breast lymph.

Many would argue that a single study, even if it’s peer reviewed isn’t enough to prove anything, more research on the subject is required. Whatever the case, the study still served as an inspiration for the creation of the revolutionary innovation called hemp bra.

You may think this is a weird innovation but you need to understand that hemp may very well be the best choice for bras because unlike cotton it’s grown mostly without pesticides, completely organic. This means that you’ve got one problem resolved from the start- no pesticides get in contact with your breasts. Additionally, hemp is much softer and it can only get softer and more comfortable as you wear it. It’s also much stronger which means that hemp bras will be much more durable than cotton bras.

You won’t believe what we say until you’ve tried one on so go for it! Once you put it on you’ll see for yourself how comfortable and safe it is!




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