New “Cloud Lamp” Mimics Thunderstorm In Your Bedroom, Works Magic On Sleepless Kids!

Who doesn’t like to just sit back and relax at the sound of a thunderstorm on a rainy day? They have an amazingly soothing effect that just make your whole body relax and make you want to curl up under a blanket and observe it from the inside of your warm, cozy home.

Now you can have all of this and more inside your very own room, of course without the rain, thanks to Richard Clarkson, the inventor of The Cloud.

The cloud is the coolest lamp you’ll ever own for sure, equipped with lights and sounds and an interactive interface which reacts to motion and lits up as soon as you enter the room.  It even connects via Bluetooth to your music and plays your most listened to songs, making your home a place of happiness and relaxation.

But wait, there’s more – this amazing lamp actually helps kids sleep better and will put an end to all those restless nights.

It’s equipped with full motion sensors, a high-quality speaker system and microphones, in addition to a nightlight and music reactive modes.1

The Cloud’s sound and its sensitivity to movement can be adjusted to your needs.3


If one of this lamps is not enough you can even buy a bunch of them and make a massive thunderstorm in your living room or bedroom.5

There’s even a solution for those who aren’t such big fans of thunderstorms – a rainbow. It will put a smile on every face I am sure. 6There’s a bunch of soothing storm choices which will soothe even the most anxious adult or child!

What do you think? Would you get one of these cool Clouds? I can’t wait to try it out!



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