The Mysterious Island That Only 1000 People Can Visit

The Mediterranean Sea hides a small island that’s perfect for hiding a treasure which allegedly is exactly what it does. But it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be able to dig it out.

The Montecristo island which was made famous after the 19th century writer Alexandre Dumas described it in his novel “The Count of Monte Cristo”, holds the legend about the buried treasure hidden by the famous pirate Red Beard himself.222

Only a thousand tourists a year are lucky enough to get the permit to visit this paradise of nature, and the list is already booked for the next three years.

The exact location and content of the hidden treasure are still a mystery but rumors about it started circling some couple hundred years ago. It was around that time when the island’s convent became one of the wealthiest in Europe.  111

Observing it from this perspective, there’s nothing odd about it, because the first chapel on the island was built in the 7th century, and afterwards the wealthy families were making big donations to keep it up and running. Despite this logical explanation many believe still today that Red Beard buried his stolen treasures at this exact island.
The island will remain a mystery for centuries to come, and if you understandably don’t manage to visit it, you can at least read the literary masterpiece dedicated to it.