Mysterious Celtic Cross Discovered In Donegal Forest

Ireland has always been the most majestic country to fly over, immense green pastures and forests, beautiful landscapes, just a sight for sore eyes. However, for these past few weeks, passengers flying over Donegal have been especially amazed and treated to an incredible sight: a 300-foot-long Celtic cross made of hundreds of thousands of trees.mysterious-celtic-cross-discovered-in-donegal-forest

Everyone who saw it was amazed and perplexed at the same time, with many people taking photos and posting them on social sites, wondering how this amazing creation came to be. Soon after the story broke out, UTV Northern Ireland decided to look into the matter and revealed that Liam Emmery, a forester from the region was responsible for this marvel. Emery died at the age of 51 in 2010 after an accident made him in poor health for two years. Not even his family was aware about his work of art, UTV reports, which Emery created by planting different types of threes many years ago.

The cross had been visible for some years now but it wasn’t until this year’s dry autumn that its eye-catching features were especially noticeable, the yellow cross vivid against a backdrop of dapper green.

Horticulturist Gareth Austin told UTV  “We’re going to be appreciating this for the next sixty or seventy years.” What a beautiful and memorable legacy to leave behind!