A Murderer In Your Mouth – If You Remove Amalgam Fillings, You Will Cure Various Diseases

There’s mounting evidence that the material used for dental fillings is in fact the cause for a range of health issues including chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, emotional insecurity, lack of energy, birth defects and many more. None of this is, however, confirmed by dentists.

Amalgam fillings, which comprise 54% mercury, are such material that has been identified as a potential health threat. Amalgam fillings were first used in France in 1800. They have been used ever since because they are cheap and usually covered by health insurance. Most people with amalgam fillings have had them for more than a decade.

Although dentists from the World Health Organization have rejected such claims, health experts insist that the inexpensive amalgam fillings are unsafe primarily because of their high mercury content.

According to Dr. Hal Huggins, the one who disclosed the truth about these types of fillings, even the slightest amount of mercury in the organism can be a health risk.

Dr. Huggins supported his theory with an egg cell experiment, which showed that despite successful fertilization, eggs cells could not connect with the uterus after they were in contact with mercury. Dr. Huggins explains that mercury in amalgam fillings releases gases 24 hours a day, which can be the underlying cause for a range of serious illnesses from chronic fatigue to cancer.

Huggins dedicated his life to helping people poisoned with mercury pro bono. He was fired and harassed following the publication of his research on silver fillings. Ever since, he has urged people to remove amalgam fillings safely in order to eliminate any health issues they might be experiencing.

Via tophealthylife.com