Men Born In These 3 Zodiac Signs Never Make The First Move

Some men, as much as they try, simply aren’t capable to make the first move and approach their love interest. Sometimes it’s the fear of being rejected or simply because they’re shy in nature.

Much of our character depends on our zodiac sign and all twelve of them have their unique features and personality traits. The following three sign of the zodiac have proven to be one of the most fearful signs, as much as they don’t want to admit it.

If you’re into someone who’s born in one of these signs you should never expect them to make the first move because they’ll either be too timid or too afraid from


Cancers are the biggest cowards in the Zodiac. They’re unrivaled although they want to appear fearless from time to time. Aside from girls, cancers are also afraid of the dark so they often sleep with their lights on.


You have to admit that you feel a bit relieved you came second, but the truth is that you’re just 0.5 after Cancers. You’re honest by nature and you’re even known to admit your fears in front of everyone. You’d rather tell a girl you’re too shy then start up a conquering conversation.


It’s not like you’re fearless but the statement that you’re afraid to make the first move might insult you a bit. You’re always looking for the easy way out from conflicts and complicated situations. But even though you’re often ‘scared to death’ you have good camouflaging abilities.