Lost: A Historical Civilization Found In Indonesia! Gunung Padang

Gunung Padang is a pyramid; one of the few pyramids found in south-east Asia which had been known to locals for millennia. The pyramid has been the center or many research papers and excavations in the past but once again archeologists have decided to start an excavation mission and see if they can come up with some different results with the latest technologies we have at our disposal.

One of the archeologists working on the excavation is Dr. Danny Hillman Natawidjaja and according to his team’s carbon dating analysis, the pyramid goes back 26,000 years, far before pyramid-building technology was wide-spread or even extant. As you would imagine, the Indonesian government approves his results!

Even though the results are groundbreaking, it must be pointed out that carbon dating can be notoriously unreliable, and as the video below mentions finding a very old carbon-date inside a pyramid doesn’t hold great value, as the majority of megalithic sites were built up over thousands of years, so it’s normal to find that the center is very old.

Watch the video and decide for yourself:




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