Life After Death?

The question of life after death exists from the beginning of time and it will continue to exist for as long as humans exist. It’s in our nature to wonder, to question everything, to ponder on the unexplainable. The answer to this question depends on what you believe in. Some say it does, others claim it doesn’t, but when a scientist says it exists, it makes you wonder, even if you’re not a believer.

Dr.Robert Lanza, a scientist from North Carolina, has a theory that death is just an illusion, created by our consciousness.

He explains by saying that “We think that we are living one life, but one of the major biochemical processes suggests that something else exists after our death”.

His bio-centric theory starts from the fact that we attach our life to our physical body. People believe in death because that’s what they were taught to believe. If we were taught to believe otherwise we would, but we don’t want to believe in something that we cannot explain.

Dr. Robert says that “Our consciousness creates the universe, not the other way around. The thing is how we perceive the world around us. If we see the sky as blue, it is because someone taught us that the color of the sky is blue, but the connections in the brain can be modified, so we can relive the sky as red or green “.

He is not alone in his belief, there are many other scientists who support his theory.  There are those who oppose it as well, claiming that the findings of quantum physics shouldn’t be contradictive to Darwin’s theory. But then why is Lanza’s theory supported by scientific experiments, like the one with a particle passing through obstacles?

Today’s science dismisses the theories that disagree with Darwin’s theory. It’s the foundation of modern science, and Lanza deals with some strange ideas that are simply unacceptable. His bio-centric theory does not offer any detailed explanation of consciousness and ignores all the research dealing precisely with human consciousness” – is said in a review criticizing his bio-centric theory.

What do you think, is there life after death? If there isn’t how can we explain all those near-death experiences and confessions of people saying they saw the afterlife? It certainly is something to think about!


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