A Levitating Speaker, TV That Knows What You’re Into And Other Marvelous Gadgets At The CES 2017

Every January (5-9), the tech world descends on Las Vegas, Nevada for International CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show where the biggest companies present their higher achievements and it‘s the best place to see a whole host of new products for the year ahead. This year a number of patents were presented and the CES celebrated its 50th anniversary with over 4000 participants.a-levitating-speaker-tv-that-knows-what-youre-into-and-other-marvelous-gadgets-at-the-ces-2017
Samsung presents three new Smart TV services, sport, music and TV plus, which offer its users personalized content based on their preferences through Samsung’s Smart Hub platform. For example, Samsung’s smart TV service will provide, under the sport category, sport fans with information about when their team is playing, where they can watch it and keep tabs of the score, all in just a single page, Instead of having to shift through tens of channels to find the game, all those details will be available at the sport user interface, which can be completely adjusted to fit their every need. It’s similar with the other TV services as well.levitating-speaker

LG presents it levitating speaker for the first time. LG wireless speakers which hovers over a round base should provide top quality sound. They’re called PJ9 and are able to float thanks to the strong electromagnets located in the base under the speaker, which makes cables completely redundant. The base also houses a subwoofer for deep bass. In addition to looking cool, the speaker also promises 360-degree sound and 10-hour battery life.  Once the battery starts flashing red the speaker automatically reattaches on the base and starts to charge wirelessly, so the user doesn’t need to do anything but sit back and listen to the music.

Drones are still a big hit so this year a whopping number of 39 companies presented them, as well as advancement in the 3D printing area. There was a lot of progress in the AI field and Google presented some improvement on its AlpaGo.