Is It Possible To Make a Real Jedi Lightsaber?

Due to the great success and impact of the seventh episode of the “Star Wars” on society, certainly most of us would want to have a real Jedi lightsaber.

Led by the same desire, some scientists actually began to think about whether it is possible and how the lightsaber can be made.

The films show us that the lightsaber are about 1.2 meters long, that obviously contain a large amount of energy and they can quickly dissolve iron, but however their handle is not hot and can be stick with a hand. Considering the name and appearance, the first thought is that the lightsaber is made of some kind of laser. But this hypothesis can be easily dismissed.

As physicists from the University of Queensland described, lasers do not have a fixed length. The light from the laser cannot be simply terminated at the end, without any solid object or mirror that reflects back. In addition, the laser passes through the air and is essentially invisible, so there is no chance to see the blades in different colors like in the movie. But perhaps the biggest problem is that the laser beams will simply pass one through another, so the fight would be pretty dull.

Physicist James Bennett said that the plasma technology is more realistic. But actually we don’t have enough sufficiently developed technology to create real lightsaber in this world.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, besides the already known three forms – solid, liquid and gaseous. It’s produced by removing electrons from atoms of gas – a process called ionization. This causes the material to glow.

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