Intuitive Astrology: December Full Moon 2016

As astrologers reveal, the December 13-14 Full Moon will be governed by the airy sign of Gemini. The moon will also be bringing events, feelings and emotions that coincided with the November Sagittarius New Moon to a culmination.

The thing is December’s Full Moon is in fact another Super Moon of a recent series of super moons that are providing illumination to the world. This is in fact the last illumination point in 2016, which will finally set everything buried deep inside your soul free.

Although the last energy for the current year – December’s Full Moon, is extremely powerful and will liberate you of all you need to let go of so that you can freely absorb the fresh, new energy of 2017.

According to astrologers, the December Full Moon will also trigger a so-called mystic rectangle, which is not only magical and mystical, but, it’ll also supercharge a lot of energy. Plus, this mystic rectangle will be opening up a portal into a new realm, accessible to all those welcoming the new energy of 2017.

New beginnings will define 2017, whereas all unpleasant events of 2016 will be brought to an end, and the December Full Moon is the final assessment point.

It’s important that you transcend the old energies so that you are able to join in the new cycle of 2017. On the plus side, there’s still time to let go of things you no longer need in your life in the new year. Although this purging energy cycle ends with March 2017, the energy to release will grow vaguer and vaguer after this Full Moon.

Therefore, the Universe offers an invitation to everyone who feels ready to let go, and who feels a desire to transcend into their absolute and fullest potential – the December Full Moon. The power of the mystic rectangle will open the portal allowing you to let go of things quickly and accelerate into the new energy of 2017.

You have to tune in with the portal in order to be able to access and take the shortcut through the releasing process. However, if you aren’t ready to let go or fully open your awareness and shift your vibration, the portal won’t be accessible to you.

Now, it’s also important to know that the purging will be very intense, but once it’s over, you’ll feel like a newborn. Also, be aware of everything that comes up for you around this Full Moon because whatever lessons or subjects you have been dealing with in 2016, will probably rise up into full consciousness. This is the only way to become completely ready to let go and access the new energy of 2017.

People sensitive to the moon cycles will particularly be able to feel the intensity and energy boost of December’s Full Moon.

This is the time to be with yourself in order to fully reflect and let go. Also, nourish yourself under this moon and reap all the benefits of the marvelous illuminating energy it passes as this is the perfect time for a cleansing ritual.


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