I’m Never Buying Another Cough Medicine Again… I Wish I Knew This Before!

As the flu season approaches we all try to protect our health the best way we can. But as much as we try sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. But the worst thing is surely that nasty, persistent cough that you just can’t shake off. You try every commercial remedy on the market but nothing seems to help. Some of them can even make the situation worse and have an array of harmful side-effect because most of them are loaded with chemicals and toxic compounds which can do more damage instead of alleviating the condition.

Instead of resorting to under-the-counter cough medicine why don’t you try a more natural approach. Sometimes natural remedies can be much more effective and more importantly have no unwanted side-effects.

The following remedy for cough drops will eliminate that bad, persistent cough and make you feel better in an instant. They’re loaded with healthy herbs and natural ingredients which have a number of health benefits. They’re great for boosting your immunity and preventing a long list of health issues.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare the natural cough drops:

  • Ginger- gives you an immunity boost
  • Honey – has potent antibacterial properties and is a powerful cough suppressant
  • Lemon juice – it’s loaded with vitamin C
  • a secret ingredient to bind all the ingredients together.

In the video below you’ll find detailed instructions on how to prepare these amazing cough drops. Watch it and prepare them right away!