If You Hit The Snooze Button In The Morning, You’re Probably Smarter Than Most

If you are worried about always choosing the ‘snooze’ option when your alarm clock starts ringing, you should calm down as this could mean that you are smarter, more creative and happier than those who jump right out of bed as soon as the alarm clock sets off.

According to a British study titled Why night owls are more intelligent, snoozing is linked to creativity, intelligence and independence of spirit, reports the Independent.

The study authors – Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaja Perina, claim that evolution itself has done nothing to prepare us for the snooze option, meaning that people who can go in line with all the advances of modern life are more intelligent.

The snooze option has also been linked to a greater insight, implying that listening to your body’s needs and breaking the ‘alarm rules’ makes you more creative and independent as you strive to find your own solution to problems.