Google Is Quietly Recording Everything Around You, At All Times. Here’s How To Hear It.

You probably already know that Google voice search records and keeps conversations people have around their phones. But, what you don’t know is that these files can be deleted.

Google has quietly admitted to recording and keeping most of the conversations people have around their phones, and this has been going on for years. Interestingly, these files are accessible to the users too.

In essence, it’s a feature that enables people to search with their voice. Recording and storing these searches allows Google to improve its language recognition tools along with the results it provides to its users.

What many people don’t know is that this feature also comes with the option of listening to and deleting this collected information, which can be done through a special page that stores all the information Google has on you.

What you do is open Google’s history page and go through the long list of recordings. Google features a specific audio page along with another one for activity on the web. This page shows you all internet records Google has kept of you.

First introduced in June 2015, the new portal has been active for more than six months, which means that your internet search history is already full.

Although you can use the stored recordings as a kind of diary that reminds you of the different places and situations you have been in, you should be aware just how much information is collected about you, and how intimate this information can be.

Furthermore, an Android phone can be activated at any time just by saying “OK, Google”. Aside from your phone, this feature can be activated on all devices interacting with Google.

What you can do on the page is listen to all the voice recordings, see how the sound was recorded – whether through the Google app or elsewhere, but also see any transcription of what was said if it was successfully turned into text.

But, your primary reason for visiting this page should be to delete every piece of information Google has stored on you. You can do this simply by selecting specific recordings or deleting everything in one click.

For specific files, you first click the check box on the left then select “delete” at the top of the page. To delete everything, first press the “More” button then select “Delete options” and then “Advanced”.

Last, but not least, to keep your searches private, turn off the virtual assistant and stop using voice search.


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