Flynn, PizzaGate And The US Government’s Internal War

There’s no question that the current circus on the American political stage is unprecedented. Americans have never been that challenged with decision-making about so many important events.

On the other hand, we live in a time when the truth is tainted by people’s feelings, personal opinions and political inclinations. And, this is, and will be, extremely damaging for our people, our society, and ultimately our future.

You will all agree that the US government is currently at war with itself – there’s intentional confusion in the society, fact is muddled with opinion, and all leads to a very dangerous truth.

It appears that the war is over the presidential seat of power, or rather, the power surrounding that seat.

This, above all, points to a very important fact – our country is lacking in a democratic process; all it has is the illusion of one. Everything that has taken place in the last few months indicates that the leading elite is trying to dismantle the very foundation of this country in order to have their way.

Needless to say, this self-inflicting war, and everything that it incurs, not only damages the nation’s quality of life, but also the future prospects of the country. We live in a constant illusion of freedom which seems to be dissolving faster than ever.

Below, you can see a video featuring General Flynn’s resignation and all the delusion surrounding the ongoing PizzaGate investigation, the recent arrests, and finally, the US government’s internal war.