Fisherman Find 16-foot Snake In Frozen River

When two fishermen went to the Chagrin River for their regular fishing trip they were expecting to catch some fish but they were surprised to see what they’ve caught instead.

One of the fishermen, Sam Lincoln posted the photos on Instagram with the caption:

When you’re trying to swing up some holiday steel and you don’t catch any fish but you catch a 16 foot constrictor instead.”

According to Lincoln’s story, he and his fishing buddy were “fishing a run and looked up and saw it wrapped around a log, half frozen in the water.” They had a tough time trying to pull it out of the water and get it free but they finally managed to do it somehow.

It was surprising to find a snake in the freezing river because they are used to warmer climates but according to Cleveland Metroparks aquatic biologist Mike Durkalec this isn’t the first time they’ve encountered a dead constrictor in below zero waters.

Durkalec recalls:

Over the years, I’ve had two incidents where I’ve personally seen constrictors dead along our rivers this time of year. One was a 7-foot animal snagged by a fisherman; the other one, I found myself just along the side of the river. That was about a four to five foot boa.”

They can’t find their way in these freezing waters naturally, Durkalec says, but they’ve probably been kept as pets and once they’ve gotten too big for their owners to handle they released them in the wild. This can be deadly for the snake which is why Durkalec advises everyone to find a shelter and take the snake there instead of releasing it into the wild.




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