Facebook Is Making A Fortune Off Our Break-Ups

Thanks to its users’ relationship statuses Facebook is very well informed when a relationship ends and knows how to make a fortune from this information. Alongside information on break-ups Facebook informs companies how to best take advantage of their users’ heartaches through targeted marketing campaigns.

Using algorithms which monitor the behavior on the world’s largest social network, Facebook directs selected clients to your profile in order to earn the highest marketing profits, Mashable reports.

It’s not a secret, but it’s not every day that Facebook publishes information about a significant post-breakup marketing period.facebook-is-making-a-fortune-off-our-break

People who’ve just ended their relationship aren’t usually in a hurry to change their status back to single. Moreover, the status update is usually followed by an overly-aggressive use of Facebook.

Researchers state that ¾ of the users get addicted to social interactions with friends and family, wanting to make up for the time they’ve up until recently spent with their ‘better half’. This means that Facebook use grows significantly, up to four times, in the days after the breakup.

The turning point in this situation is that Facebook encourages the companies it collaborates with to ‘bomb’ their users who’ve just been dumped or who’ve dumped someone with adds. Facebook also advises its clients to approach the users on their smartphones because they would spend more time surfing the net in this period. They recommend offering new experiences because people who’ve just gotten out of a relationship would want to change things up and try something new, something they’ve missed or couldn’t try while they were in a relationship.