Discovery Of Great Importance From Ancient Babylon!

To tell the story about this amazing discovery we must first go back to the summer of 2002 at the estate of a wealthy high ranking official who had a massive collection of Mesopotamian artefacts never examined by experts before. In his possession he had such important artefacts which tell an amazing story. Here’s just a part of his collection:


King Nebuchadnezzar II, releasing a large constructed form. A cloud of dust, sending weapons of warfare in all directions accompanied by the eight pointed stars of Ishtar, goddess of war.


close-up of the image


The image of this seal revealed the secret that had led to the renovation and search of the summer palace, a secret of old methods of destruction that when out of control could be used to destroy not just the single city of Babylon, but entire nations.


The uniquely Discovery 3 Sarcophagus 12,000 years old

The report below brings a whole new understanding of Egyptology and Sumerian archeology, and casts a shadow over everything the archeological academic community has established so far.

According to these latest findings, which still haven’t been confirmed by renowned experts in the field but will be eventually, the Sumerians lived on the Earth before the great flood and are the descendants of SHU MER, the people of Shu, who came from the ocean on the earth. According to estimates, these artefacts are at least 12.000 years old but probably even older, dating back to pre-flood period. Some say they may be 14.000 years old, which is astonishing in my opinion. These estimates also date the Giza complex to be at least 45,000 years old, with some geologists mentioning 800,000 years as well.

If we want to analyze these findings we must first make a comparison of the facts, taking into account that we’re probably dealing with historical facts which give us the first insight of the prehistoric period. We must approach this subject with an open mind and let go of everything we’ve been taught so far because it seems that it was all wrong.