Development of the robots and artificial intelligence

The development of robots and artificial intelligence expected to make a major transformation of the industry in the next decade.

Maybe no later than 2025, robots will assemble autonomous cars in factories without human supervision. Is no wonder then the robots will clean our homes, and a financial adviser might be your computer that will automatically invest for you .Since at least 90 countries already operate with drones and it’s not surprising that the wars in the future will significantly be guided by “drone” aircraft.

These are just some of the interesting – but sometimes ominous predictions of a 300-page report published by Merrill Lynch in November, where it’s estimated that the global market for robots and artificial intelligence will grow from 28 billion to 150 million in just five years.

Probably the biggest change will suffer these six industries (automotive, financial sector, medicine, industrial manufacturing, agriculture, services) in countries which currently invest the most in this area like China, Japan, USA and Korea.

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