Smartphones Are Much More Dangerous For Our Eyes Than We Used To Believe

Overexposure to smartphone screens or computers, especially in children, creates a high risk of developing a dry eye syndrome, a South-Korean research indicates. Researchers from the University hospital Chung-Ang in South Korea point out that an increased use of video displays, like smartphone or computer screens, especially in children, can be linked with the onset … [Read more…]

Technological Trends That Will Mark 2017

Below you can read about the technological trends that are expected to mark 2017. #1 Smart Tchnology If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things, it’s high time you familiarized with it, because you’ll soon become part of this community. A large number of tech manufacturers have started specializing in developing digital ecosystems, so … [Read more…]

Samsung Unveils ‘See-Through’ Safety Trucks

How many times have you found yourself in a situation on the road, a truck ahead of you and you can’t see if you can overtake? You find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation and Samsung has found a way to overcome this road obstacle – we’re presenting you with Samsung’s ‘Safety Truck’ which enables … [Read more…]

Samsung Reveals The Cause Of The Galaxy Note 7’s Exploding Problem

The South Korean company Samsung announced today that problems with the design and production of the smartphone’s battery has led to overheating and in some cases explosion of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has made the announcement after a three month investigation which started immediately after the phone was recalled last September. Back in September … [Read more…]

China Has 731 Million Internet Users

China has 731 million internet users, which is equal to the entire population on the European continent, the Beijing authorities announced today. A total of 53.2% from the 1.37 billion Chinese use the internet according to the report from the Chinese center for internet information. China gets about 43 million new users every year, although … [Read more…]

A Dream Come True Facebook Is Developing New Telepathy Technology

Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of developing a device that will allow people to read thoughts and communicate with the help of brain waves may actually be coming true. Last year, Facebook opened a new, secretive department, Building 8, which works on developing a brain-computer interface technology. Building 8 has recently advertised a … [Read more…]