Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Ones?

No one can make 30.000 moves in a minute manually, which is the speed of vibration of the electric toothbrush, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always the better option, says Tomas Wolf from the German Dental Association. “Mechanical removal of dental plaque is the most important thing”, he explains, “and it actually comes … [Read more…]

Operation “Mark Of The Beast” Has Begun – A Coordinated Plan To Monitor Every Person On The Planet Is Set In Motion (Video)

Just last week it was announced that the council that advises the government about the implementation of an ‘ecosystem of digital monitoring’ (financed by USAID) now recommends that India connects its national database of biometric personal data directly with its tax applications. The word is that India is ‘working on a biometric payment system which … [Read more…]

YouTube Offline: From Now On YouTube Videos Can Be Watched Offline

Google has just presented their new application – YouTube Go, which allows downloading videos that can be watched offline. Initially, this application was made for areas that have poor internet coverage. It only allows downloading videos in their standard format – 144p and 360p; however, watching videos in HD is still not available offline. Plus, … [Read more…]

A Levitating Speaker, TV That Knows What You’re Into And Other Marvelous Gadgets At The CES 2017

Every January (5-9), the tech world descends on Las Vegas, Nevada for International CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronics show where the biggest companies present their higher achievements and it‘s the best place to see a whole host of new products for the year ahead. This year a number of patents were presented and the … [Read more…]

Facebook Is Making A Fortune Off Our Break-Ups

Thanks to its users’ relationship statuses Facebook is very well informed when a relationship ends and knows how to make a fortune from this information. Alongside information on break-ups Facebook informs companies how to best take advantage of their users’ heartaches through targeted marketing campaigns. Using algorithms which monitor the behavior on the world’s largest … [Read more…]

He Lived For Two Years With AN Implant Under His Skin – ‘Seeing What The Future Would Be Like Gave Me The Chills!’

Yevgeny Chereshnev lived for two years with an implant under his skin to test the theory of `Digital DNA’ which in the future might allow companies and governments to identify Internet users without passwords and user names, by their unique biometric characteristics. The IT expert employed in Kaspersky Lab, Yevgeny Chereshnev, believes that everyone leaves … [Read more…]