Science Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

Have you ever felt like being depleted of energy when with a person? A bad vibe often surrounds this experience. According to science, everything is energy and humans are no exception to this rule. In other words, people are also subject to energy transformations. The University of Bielefeld, Germany carried out research showing that plants … [Read more…]

HOW TO: Make A DIY Tesla Powerwall For Just $300 [Video]

We’ve all heard about the revolutionary Tesla Powerwall and its amazing ability to power your house, maximizing the energy and minimizing the expenses. However, one of these revolutionary devices can cost up to $3000 and more, which isn’t something everyone could afford. Here you can find how to make a DIY Tesla Powerwall in just … [Read more…]

Scientist Accidentally Creates A Battery Than Can Last A Lifetime. Gamechanger

Can you imagine charging and discharging your battery more than 200.000 times? Neither did Mye Le Thai, the lead study author of the University of California but somehow she managed to do it! It wasn’t her plan and intention, but after “playing around” with some materials she accidentally created a battery which can last almost … [Read more…]

It’s Estimated That Only 2% of the Population Can Solve “Einstein’s Riddle”… Are You One of Them?

There is a bit of mystery surrounding the following riddle. According to some, it was written by Einstein when he was young. Others attribute it to Louis Carol. Still a third faction insists that it is something known as the Zebra Puzzle. It is also (seemingly arbitrarily) estimated that only 2% of people on the planet … [Read more…]