World Leaders Aggressively Call To Legalize All Drugs And End The Failed Drug War

Drug legalization is becoming the major topic of discussion among world leaders. The annual report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy stated that both civil and criminal penalties for drug use and possession must be lifted. Following the failed war on drugs, world leaders have reached a conclusion that the results are more devastating … [Read more…]

15+ Freckled People Who’ll Hypnotize You With Their Unique Beauty

Although modern cosmetic treatments provide solution to freckles, these imperfections are more and more regarded as beauty marks. And, for a good reason. Freckles are normally associated with fair- and red-haired people. According to medicine, freckles are the result of melanin deficiency commonly found in paler skin types. Melanin is the pigment that accounts for … [Read more…]

Scientists Discover Cure For Deafness And Hearing Loss

A recent discovery has enables scientists at Washington University to come up with a groundbreaking treatment for deafness. Namely, during their research, scientists found that a gene known as FGF20 was responsible for proper development of the inner ear in mice. Taken that deafness and hearing loss affect one in 300 people, this could be … [Read more…]

Scientists Discover A New Type Of Fire

Scientists have just discovered a new type of fire called the ‘blue whirl,’ which may provide a more eco-friendly way of oil combustion, as well as improve the clean-up of disasters like oil spills. The refined flame is based on fire whirls which naturally occur as a result of increased heat and turbulent winds resulting … [Read more…]

Neutrino Particles Faster Than Light?

CERN Scientists who published that neutrino particles can travel faster than light are now preparing to repeat the experiment, but now in a different way. This announcement comes as a response to the increased criticism regarding their announcement, because if something can travel faster than the speed of light we’re in big trouble. Scientists from … [Read more…]

Nikola Tesla And The Mysterious Girl He Corresponded With

If Nikola Tesla’s discoveries were always a point of interest for the foreign intelligence agencies, his correspondence with Maria Orsic must have been the number 1 priority. Nikola Tesla and Maria Orsic have a lot in common. They were both native to former Yugoslavia, without children, both vegetarians and animal lovers. More importantly, they were … [Read more…]

The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Finally Solved

After thousands of unexplained deaths over the last century, it seems that the Bermuda Triangle mystery has finally been solved. According to a recent finding, the ‘killer’ clouds are those accountable for downing so many planes and sinking so many ships in this notorious area. As found by researchers, hexagonal clouds, which prevail in the … [Read more…]

The Greatest Scientific Hoaxes In The History Of The World

We’re all witnesses of some pretty amazing discoveries in the scientific community, some of which seem so absurdly unrealistic you have a hard time believing to be true. Back in the day, electric energy, the theory of relativity and similar inventions were considered crazy, but it’s these inventions that push the boundaries of science and … [Read more…]

A Man Completely Dissolved In Acid When He Jumped Into A ‘Pool’ At Yellowstone

According to the official report on the death of a man at Yellowstone National Park back in June, the man was completely dissolved in acidic water after he tried to soak himself in one of the park’s hot springs. The disturbing details of the 23-year-old’s death have remained unclear up until recently. The initial report only … [Read more…]