One Neurotoxin Away From Exposing The BIGGEST Secret Kept From Humanity: Sodium Fluoride

The pineal gland is a part of the human brain also referred to as the third eye. The name derives from its shape – a pine cone. The third-eye reference comes from the astral projections or remote reviewing a person is able to experience once this gland is activated. As unrealistic as it may sound, these … [Read more…]

Victory! Australia Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing Nationwide

Australia has made the revolutionary step towards protecting the rights of animals and from July 2017 will ban cosmetics tested on animals and products that contain even the smallest amount of ingredients tested on animals. This powerful step is a continuation of New Zealand’s ban on animal testing in 2015, which apparently inspired their neighbors … [Read more…]

Physicists Just Witnessed “Quasiparticles” Forming For The First Time Ever

Quasiparticles represent a rare phenomenon that forms in certain solids. It’s something that scientists have been trying to capture for decades. But, this isn’t just an important discovery for the world of science; it could actually change the way ultra-fast electronics are produced, or, it could possibly help the development of quantum processors. First, let’s look … [Read more…]

HOW TO: Make A DIY Tesla Powerwall For Just $300 [Video]

We’ve all heard about the revolutionary Tesla Powerwall and its amazing ability to power your house, maximizing the energy and minimizing the expenses. However, one of these revolutionary devices can cost up to $3000 and more, which isn’t something everyone could afford. Here you can find how to make a DIY Tesla Powerwall in just … [Read more…]

Scientist Accidentally Creates A Battery Than Can Last A Lifetime. Gamechanger

Can you imagine charging and discharging your battery more than 200.000 times? Neither did Mye Le Thai, the lead study author of the University of California but somehow she managed to do it! It wasn’t her plan and intention, but after “playing around” with some materials she accidentally created a battery which can last almost … [Read more…]