The Difference Between Soulmates and Life Partners

Soul Mate: Someone who is aligned with your soul and is sent to challenge, awaken and stir different parts of you in order for your soul to transcend to a higher level of consciousness and awareness. Once the lesson has been learnt, physical separation usually occurs. Life Partner: A companion, a friend, a stable and … [Read more…]

Native American Zodiac Signs & What They Mean

Unlike today’s culture and society, Native Americans put an enormous amount of thought into naming their children. These names root in forces of nature, religion, and desired personality characteristics; they translate into poetic epithets. Native Americans had a sort of wisdom and connection to nature that has been somewhat lost with time and industrial expansion. … [Read more…]

Alcohol Consumption and Spirit Possession

Although it is mass produced, mass promoted, legal, and ingested by a multitude of people all over the world, most people don’t ever consider or understand the spiritual consequences of drinking alcohol. Let’s begin by taking a look at the etymology of the Word alcohol. Etymology means the root of the word… where it is … [Read more…]

Russia Responds: Show Us the Evidence

Experts should be sent to Syrian airbase attacked by US to carry out chemical probe – Russian MoD Washington has presented “no evidence whatsoever” yet that the Shayrat airfield in Syria’s Homs Province targeted by the US after an alleged chemical attack in Idlib had any such weapons, the Russian Defense Ministry said. “Twenty-four hours … [Read more…]