The Mysterious Island That Only 1000 People Can Visit

The Mediterranean Sea hides a small island that’s perfect for hiding a treasure which allegedly is exactly what it does. But it’s highly unlikely that anyone would be able to dig it out. The Montecristo island which was made famous after the 19th century writer Alexandre Dumas described it in his novel “The Count of … [Read more…]

A Volcano In Alaska Erupted Over 20 Times In A Month

The underwater volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands since mid-December has erupted more than 20 times, which might not change in the next few months. Geologists from the Alaska Volcano Observatory have continued to monitor the Bogoslof  volcano because its ashes are putting civil aviation in danger. The majority of the volcano, about 1830 meters is under water. … [Read more…]

A Chunk Of Hawaii Just Collapsed Into The Ocean

A huge, 9-hectare chunk of Hawaii’s famous Kamokunalava delta collapsed into the ocean along with the observation deck and almost took the lives of five tourists. The Kamokuna lava delta is formed where lava spewing out of the Big Island’s Kīlauea volcano meets the Pacific Ocean and rapidly cools, forming new land. It started collapsing around 2 AM on … [Read more…]

The Arctic Is Turning Oceans Into Graveyards

NASA researchers have concluded that the thick multi-year ice covering the Arctic Ocean, which has been the subject to continually rising temperatures during the past few summers, is being rapidly replaced by thinner and younger ice formed during one winter. Owing to this, the polar region is becoming increasingly susceptible to storms that could break … [Read more…]