A New Male Contraceptive Injection Is 96% Effective In Human Tests

Male contraceptives may soon compete with the pill and IUDs as scientists have been able to come up with an experimental injected form of male contraception that’s equally effective in preventing pregnancies as female contraceptives. In a trial including 320 healthy male participants aged between 18 and 45 the hormone shot proved effective in nearly … [Read more…]

Actor Mark Ruffalo Joins Activists In ND To Protest Dakota Access Pipeline

When it comes to celebrities involving in environmental issues, Mark Ruffalo must be one of the most outspoken advocates. Aside from confronting Monsanto’s CEO about his company poisoning people, the movie star has now decided to promote clean and renewable energy through his co-founded The Solutions Project. The actor arrived in North Dakota on Tuesday … [Read more…]

This Wheel Turns Any Bike Into An Electric Vehicle In Just 60 Seconds

With cycling becoming increasingly popular all over the world, the latest hot item on the market is definitely a bicycle with a built-in electric motor for propulsion. The best thing about this new technology is that it enables cyclists to transform their regular bikes into electric ones simply by exchanging a wheel. This is an … [Read more…]

Revolutionary Breakthrough: Doctors Will Save Trauma Victims By Freezing Them

It was February 2015 when Justin Smith, 26, was walking home in below freezing temperatures after having a few beers with friends when slipped, fell and struck his head, according to the Lehigh Valley Health Network. He blacked out and for nine hours, he was lying in the snow, as temperatures plunged to 4 degrees Fahrenheit … [Read more…]

How To Detox Through Your Feet

Toxins can cause a lot of damage to your organs especially if they build up in your body. Detoxifying though your feet can help you eliminate toxins easily and effectively without having to make any major dietary changes. Best of all, this treatment is believed to be one of the safest methods for detoxification. Foot … [Read more…]

Knowingly Taking A Placebo Can Still Reduce Your Pain

Unlike the common misconception that taking a placebo only works when a patient is unaware of it, new research has found that placebos can still alleviate pain, even when patients know they’re only taking a placebo. What the study also found was that the placebo could actually reduce significant amount of pain. The participants who consciously took … [Read more…]

Scientists Have Figured Out How To Help Nerve Fibers Repair Themselves

A team of researchers from the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) made a revolutionary breakthrough in nerve repair, having found a way to make nerve fibers repair themselves in mice. They identified the gene that prevents fiber regrowth when nerve connections are damaged. The gene they discovered is called Cacna2d2 and it serves as … [Read more…]