Wikileaks’ Podesta ET Emails Mention “Zero-Point Energy.” Here’s What That Is

The latest email leak, found in Wikileaks, shows the email sent by a former NASA astronaut and 6th man who walked on the moon, Dr. Edgar Mitchell to Johan Podesta, the head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and prominent politician. The aim of the email was arranging a meeting where the two men would discuss formal … [Read more…]

This Geometrically Extraordinary City Operates Without Politics, Religion or Money

Contrary to common belief that cities without politics, religion or money could only be part of Utopia, this type of city actually exists today. In search for a better form of living, this small society has split off from tradition and social norms. Founded in 1968 under the name of ‘Auroville,’ this city was soon … [Read more…]

One Neurotoxin Away From Exposing The BIGGEST Secret Kept From Humanity: Sodium Fluoride

The pineal gland is a part of the human brain also referred to as the third eye. The name derives from its shape – a pine cone. The third-eye reference comes from the astral projections or remote reviewing a person is able to experience once this gland is activated. As unrealistic as it may sound, these … [Read more…]

Victory! Australia Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing Nationwide

Australia has made the revolutionary step towards protecting the rights of animals and from July 2017 will ban cosmetics tested on animals and products that contain even the smallest amount of ingredients tested on animals. This powerful step is a continuation of New Zealand’s ban on animal testing in 2015, which apparently inspired their neighbors … [Read more…]

There’s No One To Drive Her To The Hospital, So Stranger Lets Her Get In

This woman has survived breast cancer and now she has been undergoing systematic treatments for over a year. Cynthia Carlson needs regular doctor`s visits in order to recover completely. During her struggle with the cancer, she lost her mobility and now she`s working on regaining it. Sherry Grossman has experienced the devastating powers of this … [Read more…]

Why Corporate Media Won’t Tell You What’s Being Done To The Amazon

Taken that the news industry largely depends on advertising income, it’s no wonder that nearly 90% of the world’s media is controlled by big corporations. In other words, this means that the media mustn’t produce content that will affect their advertisers’ profits. This explains why so much important information, especially one relating to environmental issues, … [Read more…]