Cat With Pounds Of Dreadlocks Brought To Shelter

The employees at an animal shelter in Pittsburgh had their hands full when the cat of an elderly man was brought to them. The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife said that this was the worst case of matting they’ve ever seen in a cat and that it probably took years to get that severe.

Hidey, the cat, was bought to the shelter after its owner, an elderly man, had to be moved to a nursing home. But it wasn’t a purposeful neglect, Hidey’s owner was suffering from Alzheimer’s, a relative told People magazine.

Paul Russel, the owner’s relative went to clean up the house after the man was taken to a nursing home and to his surprise he found the dreadlocked cat. He says “At first I thought it was a cat that had a blanket on top of it. The next day I went into the creepy old cellar and it was hunkered in a corner. I thought, ‘My god this is a cat.’”

After Hidey was taken to the shelter, the veterinarians shaved off her dreadlocks, revealing an overweight bur generally healthy cat. The lucky cat is now living with Raul Russel and his family. He also took in his relative’s other cat, Siam who is also healthy and happy in his new home.

The animal shelter used this opportunity to remind people to also pay attention to any pets when checking on their elderly relatives and prevent such an unfortunate situation like Hidey’s. Luckily for Hidey, her story had a happy ending!



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