BREAKING: 474 Arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting

breaking-474-arrested-in-california-child-trafficking-sting“Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” has seen 474 people arrested in California in a matter of just three days, with more than 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces involved in the child trafficking sting. 27 adults and 28 children were saved.

Sheriff Jim McDonald addressed the victims in a press conference on Tuesday saying:

You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners…to provide you services and help you rebuild your life.”

This may be a big win for the movement against human and child trafficking but the work is not even nearly done. This massive operation will shift the focus to this dire issue once more and this may be the biggest victory because we need to raise the public awareness on this topic and things need to be taken more seriously. Human and child trafficking is a real issue and one that’s widespread even at the highest levels in our society.

We’ve recently heard plenty about the alleged Pizza-gate scandal and though many have dismissed it as a fraudulent story, it should be investigated more thoroughly even if we don’t believe it’s true. We can’t turn a blind eye just because we don’t want something to be true, it doesn’t make it less real. The fact that high level politicians and renowned elitists are involved makes matters even worse and we as a society owe it to the victims to make things right and find the persons responsible for their sufferings.

Even if you think that Pizza-gate is just another conspiracy theory, the topic itself requires everyone to give their full attention and demands proper investigation. Back in October 2016, when the Pizza-gate scandal was revealed after WikiLeaks leaked emails from John Podesta no official investigation was launched. Just because we believe something is a conspiracy theory it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t even investigate the matter further. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the Jimmy Savile scandal, when the former BBC broadcaster was accused of sexually abusing children but everyone thought it was just another fake story. Only after he died, hundreds of people came forward  and admitted that he did really abuse children, but it was too late for justice.

Moreover, you should know that the Vatican has paid nearly $4 billion dollars to pedophilia victims, which stemmed from clergy members abusing children. If we’re talking about the elite I believe there’s no higher level than the Vatican and for as much as they would want to keep everything on the hush-hush, their lies and secrets are coming to the surface, we just need to be smart enough to see through them.

But the story doesn’t end here, there are million more examples of child-trafficking and sexual abuse we’ve been witness to. In November 2016, two renowned UK football players publicly admitted of being victims of sexual abuse when they were children from members of the UK football elites. Also back in Fall of 2016, the FBI rescued 82 children in a nationwide child-trafficking sting operation.

The Bigger Picture

These last few months have been crucial in the fight against sexual abuse and child trafficking because it has put the matter into focus, it’s being discussed on higher levels and many children have been saved as a result. This is the right time to make additional pressure, there’s momentum and as things unravel there will come a point when all the dots connect and crucial elitists involved will be brought down. We just need to keep pushing and the truth will come out eventually. Also, as more arrests are being made, sooner or later they will find someone willing to talk, to tell everything they know and accuse whoever is involved. We just need to be patient and wait, while we fight to save even more innocent victims of this awful trade.