Why Having A Big Nose Is An Advantage

You may not like what you see in the mirror, but your face actually tells a lot about your health.

Thus, white circles around the eyes, as well as fat deposits on the whites of the eye, often indicate elevated blood cholesterol levels. Drooping eyelids can point toward Bell’s palsy, i.e. a dysfunction of the eye nerve.

People with big noses have a lower risk of being infected with microorganisms as they have more hairs in the nasal canals, which prevent parasites from entering the body.


A dark tongue indicates that there’s bacterial buildup in the mouth, which can result from poor oral hygiene, smoking or taking antibiotics.

Yellowish skin points to diabetes or high blood pressure, whereas brown spots on the skin indicate increased estrogen secretion in the body.

Receding hair is a sign of hyperactive thyroid, whereas thin eyebrows indicate a hypoactive thyroid.

Redness on the cheeks can result from skin issues such as rosacea, but it can also indicate elevated cortisol levels.