The Battle of Los Angeles That Nobody Talks About, On The Sky Was…

Back in February 1942, Katy is a successful young lady who works with interior design and she is sought by most Hollywood stars. She lives in the west side of Los Angeles, not far from the city of Santa Monica. After announcing war on Japan, among the citizens of L.A. runs fear of attack from Japanese airstrikes. Katy, just like thousands of others, becomes a volunteer in the local anti-airstrike defense.

However, this young lady isn’t aware of the surprise that awaits us; something far bigger than a Japanese airstrike. But yes, this attack really comes from the sky. Who floated above the skyscrapers of Los Angeles in the distant 1942 still remains a mystery even today, or at least that’s what the American government wants people to think about the event that they are going to paint with another routine, and will keep all the details “classified”.

The Battle of Los Angeles

During the morning of 25 of February back in 1942, two and a half months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and after the U.S enters WW2, it is still dark outside when Katy is woken up by a call. The man calling is the executive of the anti-airstrike defense in her region. She is asked whether or not she saw the object in the sky not far from her home, so Katy goes up to her window and looks up.

“It was big, actually it was massive. It was right above my house and it simply flew there without moving at all. I had never seen such thing in my life” tells Katy later.

On top of everything, all of the city lights are off. Because of this, Katy just like hundreds of thousands of other citizens of Los Angeles can see the object in the sky crystal clear.

“It was a pale-orange color, and it was one of the most beautiful things I have come across. I started at it a lot as it was too close” tells then-young Katy.

The lights of the airstrike defense were fixated at the object in the sky, while the object is moving seemingly slow. At first, this sounds like a scene from “Independence Day” with Will Smith, but this isn’t a movie, it is a real event that took place almost 5 years before the Roosevelt UFO crash in New Mexico.

Many like to call this the start of the UFO era back in 1947…

The “Battle of Los Angeles” is considered to be the most sensational and dramatic clash with a UFO ever registered in history of mankind.

The first sirens woke up the whole city as the radars show that the UFO is slowly moving. All city lights are turned off as the lights of the air defense of the 37-th brigade start running through the sky in an attempt to identify what the object is.

What they see is unbelievable at first glance – a flying unidentified object floats above the city. In just a few minutes, the entire South California is up on their feet staring at the sky. The artillery fires an intense fire at the object and it is obvious that despite there being numerous hits, the object seems untouchable. According to some reports, 6 people die as a result of the bullets coming down. The city’s power outage lasts for 5 hours until the following morning.

Reports have stated that there have been around thousands of grenades fired at the object, yet it seemed to not have affected it in any way.

While the military is trying to get things under control, thousands of people are rioting and patrolling the streets in groups and this lasts for a few hours.

Millions of people are witnessing the pale-orange object in the sky that seems to be an amazing-yet terrifying sight at the same time.

The Army Reacts

The government as well as the army tried to give the fastest explanation of the event to the people, but they also seemed to be surprised and stunned of the “battle” itself.

Many of the explanations provided to the public mainly involved the accusations of Japanese planes as well as the dangers of Japanese airstrikes.

The version of the story published by NY Times indicates that the object in the sky was an actual UFO, however, this story was never seriously taken. Documents after the event explain how two ships were discovered which were supposedly of extraterrestrial origin. Aside from that, versions have surfaced of the event actually being a test project with the goal to explore and investigate trapped UFO in the U.S. The documents also uncover that there has been a bureau of UFO science and technologies, and they seem to demonstrate a strong interest coming from the American government about the objects, biology as well as the physics of the extraterrestrials.

In two of the later-published documents, it is stated that this is the first time that the American army comes across to an extraterrestrial ship, which only confirms the similar claims and accusations by other people of the object being an UFO.

Other documents reveal that the investigations and the attempts to recover somewhat information that the UFO provided benefited the overall development of the entire planet.