This Autistic Girl’s Rendition Of ‘Hallelujah’ Will Give You Chills!

A recently published video of a 10-year-old autistic girl singing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah has taken the internet by storm. In just two days, the video has had over 54,000 views on YouTube.

Kaylee Rodgers, a 10-year-old girl suffering from autism and ADHD, has demonstrated her exceptional talent for singing at the Christmas show at Killard House School in Northern Ireland. According to Kaylee’s teachers, the girl has difficulty with math and literacy and is very shy, but when she gets on stage, “she just opens up.”

In the words of one commenter, “The fantastic thing about this video is that it’s not just good because she’s 10. And it’s not just good because she’s dealing with autism and ADHD. It’s good because it’s good – really good.”

If we are talking in Facebook terms, the video has had more than 300,000 views, along with a plethora of positive comments.

As reported by the BBC, viewers from as far away as Australia, America and Japan have contacted Rodgers’ school to praise the girl’s performance.

According to Kaylee’s mother, Tracy, Kaylee’s music teacher is most deserving of her talent and performance skills.

In Tracy’s words, “She always loved singing, but it wasn’t until she started at Killard House School that she really came into her own.”

[Teacher Lloyd Scates] is like her safety blanket – he’s amazing.”

Scates recognized Kaylee’s gift and encouraged her to show it on stage during school events. Enjoy the performance!


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