Why Having A Big Nose Is An Advantage

You may not like what you see in the mirror, but your face actually tells a lot about your health. Thus, white circles around the eyes, as well as fat deposits on the whites of the eye, often indicate elevated blood cholesterol levels. Drooping eyelids can point toward Bell’s palsy, i.e. a dysfunction of the … [Read more…]

Six Hidden Symptoms Of Depression

Symptoms of depression are not always black and white, especially when it comes to men. Men generally carry the burden of being ‘tough’ and keeping their emotions under control all the time. This is the major reason why they find it hard to admit when they are overwhelmed with helplessness, sadness or despair. As a … [Read more…]

New DNA Study Reveals That People Reproduced With Aliens

New research studying human DNA has found that more than 30,000 years ago, the first humans bred with mysterious ‘alien species’. According to scientists, restructured genome sequences from two relatives of modern man show that these groups reproduced with several hominid species, one of which was “not human”. These ancient genomes, one from a Neanderthal … [Read more…]

Operation “Mark Of The Beast” Has Begun – A Coordinated Plan To Monitor Every Person On The Planet Is Set In Motion (Video)

Just last week it was announced that the council that advises the government about the implementation of an ‘ecosystem of digital monitoring’ (financed by USAID) now recommends that India connects its national database of biometric personal data directly with its tax applications. The word is that India is ‘working on a biometric payment system which … [Read more…]