American Soldier Reveals What Is Going On In The New Mexico Desert, After 44 Years.

A former American soldier has revealed now, after 44 years , information on the event that took place in New Mexico back in 1971.

He told the story that along with 500 other soldiers, he saw a UFO near Roosevelt, a place where 24 years earlier the most famous UFO event took place.

The unnamed soldier stated that what he saw in those 5 hours, will be haunting him for the rest of his life. Back then, he was stationed in Fort Bliss in Texas, when he was sent to military exhibition in the desert in New Mexico, west from Roosevelt.

During his night shift, along with his two other soldier colleagues, he saw two UFOs.

The soldier explained “First we saw how it was coming from North, then it stopped. The second object came from West. In the next five hours, they were flying around the sky in the desert”.

He stated that the objects had a sphere-like shape, but he couldn’t make out their size as they were flying far away from sight. The next day, during lunch, they were all talking about a UFO, but they didn’t know anything as up until then, nobody had come out to speak publicly about that type of information.

Roosevelt is a center of attention since 1947 when the first apparent UFO sighting took place.

The American government were not coordinated in the public information about those specific events, and what caused even more questions to be raised was the story about extraterrestrials in New Mexico. In the final document, it says that an American weather balloon had crashed down.