There are many reasons why you should switch to organically grown food. Not only non-organic vegetables are loaded with toxic pesticides, but the conventionally farmed animals are also given antibiotics and other chemicals. Of course, the fact that conventional farming negatively affects the environment cannot be neglected.

Recently, the FDA revealed yet another reason to switch to organic foods, especially chicken. This is due to the recent discovery that farmed chicken contains cancer-causing arsenic!

What is arsenic?

Well it is actually a chemical element that can be of an inorganic or organic background. Both types are unhealthy for animals and humans, but it is logical that inorganic arsenic is more dangerous and on many studies it was proven that it can be the cause for cancer.

Some habits that are part of our everyday life and certain foods can lead to exposure to inorganic arsenic, for example consuming certain food products such as meat, dairy products, poultry, fish and shellfish or drinking polluted water.

And the exposure to arsenic can lead to many dangerous health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, nervous system toxicity and diabetes. Some of the following symptoms are indicators that you have been subjected to inorganic arsenic:

-muscle cramping;
-stiffness and numbness;

And if the exposure of inorganic arsenic is for a longer period of time or it is extreme that will eventually end up with death.

Arsenic exposure can be the reason for skin pigmentation changes and cancer.

Does the chicken contain arsenic?

Farm-raised chickens are fed up with products that contain high amounts of organic arsenic, but that can be transformed into inorganic arsenic very easily. The levels of arsenic found in chickens were being tested by the FDA’s Center For Veterinary Medicine and the Center For Food Safety. They discovered presence of inorganic arsenic inside the chicken meat that is used for consumption.

3-Nitro and arsanilic acid are used for weight gain in animals and even traces of carbasone were discovered. When they discovered the presence of all these substances they were excluded from further production and usage.

But in order to accelerate the chicken growth, other additives are still being used in the chicken’s diet such as Histostat, which there is arsenic presence.

To sum up, no matter how the chickens were raised (farm or organically) there will be arsenic presence, so you should follow some methods in order to reduce the intake of it.

One of those methods is to pay attention to food labels, and to completely be on only organic foods.
This means that you cannot completely avoid arsenic but with switching onto safe and tested water and organic foods will limit the exposure to this toxins and plus you will have healthier life.

Source :http://www.tophealthylifeadvices.com