7 Spirit Poisons: Almost Everyone Who Is Unhappy With Life Is Unhappy For The Same Reasons

People are often unconsciously suffering the effect of spirit poisons that eventually wreak havoc on their life.

So, what are spirit poisons that can undermine your happiness?

In essence, it all comes down to your expectations. It’s your expectations that shape, and eventually change your life, both emotionally and physically. If you harbor the wrong expectations, you can easily steer away from your happiness and make your life unnecessarily difficult.

In reality, most people are unhappy because they are holding on to poisonous expectations that are creating an unwanted reality.

Below, you can find the seven most common toxic expectations that ruin lives and happiness, but also advice how to overcome these.

1. Opportunities Will Just Appear

If your motto is that life’s opportunities will appear on their own without you having to work for your success will get to bitter disappointment. The thing is this is only partially true owing to the Law of Attraction, but it doesn’t mean you should give up seeking opportunity or fighting for what’s yours. In essence, success is a lot of hard work, rather than depending on the mercy of other people’s whims.

If you want to find opportunities in life more easily, be curious about life in general and don’t be afraid of trying new things every once in a while. Meeting people outside your field (and from other countries/cultures) can also be quite beneficial.

2. I Should Be Universally Liked

Regardless of how much you tried or wanted, the truth is not everyone will like you. But, it’s important to know that it’s not you, or who you are, that stops them from liking you. In most cases, it’s the other person’s history, hang-ups and insecurities that prevent them from seeing the best of you.

Only when you stop trying so hard to make everyone like you, you’ll be able to move toward more meaningful relationships, but also to steadily earn trust and respect.

3. Life Will Be Fair

We all know that life isn’t fair, but, in essence, we all hope that things will balance out eventually. This is not always the rule, unless you take a more proactive approach towards getting back on your feet after you’ve hit the bottom. Think about the possible actions you can take to actually change your situation to the better.

4. People Can Read My Mind

Not only your relationship, but all areas of your life will be seriously affected if you think that people can read your mind. This motto will only make you more misunderstood than ever because people can’t always know what you’re trying to say. What you can do is work on your communication skills, but also try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, both intellectually and emotionally, in order to understand better their perception of you.

5. Others Should Agree With Me

This one is probably the trickiest expectation as you can easily get carried away. Remember, the things that are obvious to you, may be completely different to someone who has a different past, different values and different background.

And, in reality, a controversial question often has more than one right answer, and finding a compromise is more productive than simply being right.

6. Material Possessions Will Make Me Happy

There’s no question that certain material things can make life easier and more fun. But, it’s a major misconception to think that the things that buy you comfort in life will also buy you happiness. Essentially, happiness arises from emotional fulfillment rather than material gain. You can have the car/house of your dreams, but you can still be unhappy.

What you should do is focus on finding your true purpose and truly getting to know yourself. This will help you live in line with your values, which no amount of physical items can do.

7. I’m Going To Fail

It’s an undeniable fact that things are not always in your control, so failing is just part of the game. But, if you always expect to fail, then all you’re doing is setting yourself up to fail!

If you understand that not everything is in your control, and set yourself up to learning from every new experience, you won’t see negative outcomes as failures any more, but rather as unwanted results that you learn and grow from.

Using techniques like affirmations and visualizations can help you build up your belief in success, and eventually in getting what you want.

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