A 6000 Years Old Recipe From Two Ingredients – The Most Healing Delight You Will Ever Taste!

a-6000-years-old-recipe-from-two-ingredients-the-most-healing-delight-you-will-ever-tasteDo you know what pasteli is? If you haven’t heard about it until now you’re going to be surprised how something can be so delicious and health beneficial at the same time, it’s a rare combination indeed.

Pasteli is a 6000 years old recipe, first mentioned in ancient Greece which also goes by the name Greek breakfast. The amazing mixture is actually mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, who refers to it as Intrion. He describes how Helens-warriors were given Intrion or pasteli before going to battle to increase their energy and strength for the upcoming fight. Pasteli was also mentioned in the ancient Egyptian scripts where it was used by woman for hormonal glands stimulation. Heradot, the famous Greek writer also mentioned pasteli in his writing where he described it as a cure and a delight, such a rare mix of qualities.

So, without further ado, we present to you the pasteli, a mixture sesame and honey, two super healthy ingredients which will resolve all your problems for good. Some people also call it sesame and honey pie and believe us when we say that it’s delicious, so much that you won’t believe it’s a cure as well.

Here are the most important health benefits and healing properties of Pasteli

This mixture of sesame and honey is an amazing health bomb which abounds in a plethora of beneficial ingredients like iron, zinc, fibers, copper, magnesium, calcium and a wide range of vitamins, especially of group B. In short, it contains all the essential ingredients you need for optimal health.

A number of studies have shown that the amazing combo of natural ingredients in pasteli can help regulate your blood adipose, lower your LDL levels and increase the HDL cholesterol levels, as well as positively influence the regulation of irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure and circulation. Pasteli will also increase your energy levels and give you strength for hard physical and mental labor. Study shows that regular use of pasteli can resolve problems with chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. After just 3 weeks of regular use your chronic stress will be a problem of the past.

According to the latest study from the Clinical Journal of Nutrition the combination of honey and sesame can have a positive effect on depression, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure. Moreover, this natural bomb contains 182 health beneficial elements, as well as antioxidants that prevent the development of cancer and other serious illnesses on cells level. Start using this elixir of health as soon as possible and enjoy all the benefits it offers, trust us, we highly recommend it!

Pasteli – The original recipe


  • 300gr. of tahini (a paste from ground sesame)
  • 300gr. of organic honey

Tahini can be found in almost every healthy food store, but if you want you can make it on your own with the help of a good, powerful blender.

If you decide to prepare the tahini paste from scratch, you’ll need raw peeled sesame seeds and oil per preference (normally 2 spoons of oil go with one or half cup of seeds, it really depends on how thick you want the mixture) you can use sesame, olive or sunflower oil. Fry the seeds in a frying pan without adding oil until they turn golden in color, approximately 5-10 minutes of constant stirring. Just make sure it doesn’t burn because it will have a bitter taste. Set it aside and wait until it cools off, add them to a blender and add the oil until you get the paste you want. If it’s too thick add some more oil, it really doesn’t matter, it depends on your preferences.

Now that you have the tahini, mix it with the honey in a bowl. You may find it curious that both these ingredients are liquid but when combined they get thicker. You can add a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts if you want, finely chopped and mixed in with the other ingredients. Make small bite-sized balls from the mixture , place them on a plate and keep it in the fridge. Eat 2-3 of these delicious treats per day (try it if you can, but you’ll eat more we guarantee) and feel the amazing energy surge.