6 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love, #5 Will Blow Your Mind!

Every man should love and cherish his lady because she is the most precious gift he could ever have. As much as men love their women, there are still some little things that annoy them quite a bit and we have to admit it women can be a bit difficult at times. Calling and texting a hundred times an hour, being childish, selfie-manias, shopping sprees and similar habits are one of the most annoying things for men and everyone knows that. However, there are also other female habits that men simply adore even though they might not admit it at times.

Here are 6 of the top habits men love in women:

  1. Burying your head in his chest

Placing your head on his chest is something a man absolutely adores. It makes him feel masculine, strong, like a real protector. It also gives the woman a sense of security and that’s something men love – making you feel safe and secure.

  1. Playing with his hair while he’s driving

When you play with his hair it isn’t just that he gets a physical pleasure but they also see it as a sign of affection, love and connection. They love when their partner expresses a these feeling, even in insignificant moments.

  1. She praises him on Facebook

This one is a no brainer, your man loves being appreciated in public and you know it!

  1. Listens to him attentively

Listening to your man while he speaks and paying attention to what he says makes him feel appreciated and loved.

  1. Sending him a text or calling him while you’re out with friends

He may say otherwise but you need to know that every man loves this. It shows him that you’re thinking about him even when you’re out with your friends and it gives him a sense of security.

  1. Showing him affection in public

Even the smallest things, like fixing his hair, holding his hand or gently caressing him in public will make his heart race faster and give him a sense of satisfaction.