4 Modern Hippies Communes

When most people hear the word “commune” they might not be too excited about the images they get, but what we see are communities that encourage a simpler lifestyle. More importantly, they encourage a simpler lifestyle with the goals to assist the environment or our common man. While not everyone has thought about joining one of these communities, we have pondered it, and here are some of the great communities that still exist today that we love!

1. The Farm

Image Source: Flickr

The Farm was founded in 1971 in southern central Tennessee and focused on the style of simple, communal living. Much of the community is solar powered, and it also encourages composting and living smartly with nature. While some of the original ideals haven’t stuck around, such as a total community living, much of this community is still still very intertwined with the central community ideas of nonviolence and some buddhist teachings. While each household now needs to provide support, it allows the community to still flourish. Currently The Farm consists of over 4000 livable acres, including both homes and businesses to allow income to both the residents and the community.

2. Auroville

Image Source: Auroville.org

Auroville is best described as an experimental town in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The town accepts all members regardless of religion and heritage, currently claiming over 50 thousand members from all around the world. Established February 28, 1968, Auroville fulfills its goal of human unity and spirituality through the diversity in its members and still continues to grow!

3. Findhorn Ecovillage

Image Source: Findhorn.org

The ecovillage near the village of Findhorn in Scotland has existed for over forty years with the goal of living sustainably economically and in an ecologically responsible way. In fact, the Findhorn village was recently found to have the smallest ecological footprint for any modern city in the world! One of the reasons this is because is due to their resource requirements for housing. For example, many houses are made from old whiskey barrels!

4. Twin Oaks Village

Image Source: TwinOaks.org

Twin Oaks Village rests in rural Virginia, where it has since 1967. The community encourages an ecologically conscious, nonviolent lifestyle. In addition, the community focuses on shared resources; each member works approximately 40 hours a week for the community’s businesses or improvement, and in return gets housing, food and spending money! The highest exports of this community are hammocks and tofu, in addition to the Village’s economic prowess, they also encourage a political activism to inspire an improvement in communities everywhere!

Would you guys live in a communal living environment (or an ‘experimental township’ as some may call it)? Do any of these current communities sound like something you would want to be a part of? Is there one somewhere else that is calling to you? Let us know your thoughts!