1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand

1 million children from 5,000 schools in Thailand gather each year at one massive temple as part of a project called “V-Star Change the World.” The project aims to bring world peace by getting children from across the country together so they can all meditate in harmony.

This major event, which has profound importance for the people of Thailand, takes place at the Shammakaya Temple of Thailand with the prospect of harnessing the power of meditation by practicing it en masse. Although the basic idea is that the practice of group meditation harnesses peaceful thoughts of goodwill and charity, and bring calm and a sense of well-being to those who practice it, in essence, the project strives to bring on world peace and tranquility.

One of the reasons why children come together for something like this is the fact that this area of the world is often struck by political unrest, and children are the only thing that provides light among the darkness.

It’s still unknown why the vent doesn’t have much world coverage although it happens every year.


The Shammakaya Temple of Thailand is situated outside of Bangkok. The city itself is very crowded, and seeing a congregation of this kind has but a compelling effect on viewers.

An interesting fact is that Thai children are taught to mediate since their earliest age. In other words, it’s the most important basis of Buddhism.


Meditation often takes place at brightly colored temples like the one in the photo below.


In essence, meditation is a daily practice, but it isn’t necessarily performed individually. In fact, there are many examples of en masse or group meditation and V-Star is just one of them.


The V-star project is a positive reminder that if we focus on the positive, it can only result in good. Or, as put in one powerful meditational mantra: “Focus on the light, you are the light.”

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